1 for 1: The power of a cookie

For every order placed, Feed Your Soul donates a cookie to The Coalition for the Homeless, the oldest not-for-profit advocacy group focused on homelessness in the United States.  These cookies are a special part of their birthday celebrations and everyday milestones. 

There is something so simple and timeless about an oven fresh cookie.   No matter who you are or what life brings your way, you cannot ignore the simple truth that cookies make people smile.

Cookies are often a luxury item…especially cookies like ours.  We wanted to make the highest quality products available for everyone to enjoy. 

So next time you send a Feed Your Soul Bakery gift- know that you are giving in more ways than one.

“Your donations have really made a big difference to everyone in all of our departments.  Our Camp Director came back last week from being upstate with the kids and she said they were thrilled to have the cookies up there.  They normally don’t get those kinds of special treats because their budget doesn’t allow.  The Director of our After School program is also so pleased to have the partnership because they can now celebrate the kids’ birthdays every month with the cookies that you donate.  I know you sometimes say that donating the cookies seems like a small gesture to you, but I wanted to let you know that your donations are greatly appreciated by all of our clients here at the Coalition"


 For more information on The Coalition for the Homeless visit: http://www.coalitionforthehomeless.org/about-cfh/