“I am humbled every day by the talent of our staff, the loyalty of our customers and the belief in our brand….”  I sincerely thank you!
Feed Your Soul bakery started out of a studio apartment over a decade ago. Twelve cookies were baked at a time, packages were wheeled down the hall, and tractor trailers delivered materials to a tiny apartment that churned out thousands of cookies, inspirational words and a means to give in every way.
Its founder, Mya Zoracki, had previously been a Trader on the American Stock Exchange. She traded by day and earned her Juris Doctorate degree from Brooklyn Law School in the evenings. Life was full, but lacked meaning. Mya knew that if she combined her love for baking with her business acumen she could create a way to truly help those less fortunate…and this belief was at the core of Feed Your Soul.  Just by doing what she does best, Mya has been able to bake, to give and to inspire in ways that not only grow the brand, but continue to help people along the way. 




Mya literally hit the pavement and talked her way into local supermarket chains, coffee shops, hotels, gyms, franchises.  She set up an LLC, an online store and a UPS account.  She created marketing materials, packaging, contract agreements and bar codes.  She was her sales team, her baking department, her R & D, her customer service, her wedding department and her own distribution.  All local deliveries were made with a jeep wrangler and a small hand truck.
While the idea of FYS caught on in the media as “the perfect gift,” the cookies themselves were the reason for the company’s success. People were not only sending gifts- they were treating themselves to cookies.  They were reminded, as Mya was, of the simple comforts that cookies provide.  The internet orders poured in and Mya continued to grow the wholesale business. UPS wheeled hundreds of packages down the hall of her apartment building daily and tins were delivered to her loading dock/ “apartment 5B.”
She was baking 12 cookies at a time out of a studio apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey.



Feed Your Soul has a state of the art bakery manufacturing facility in Kearny NJ where they churn out pallets of cookies, cookie dough and other innovative desserts.  They also have a flagship retail location at 14 Wall Street, New York, NY.  
Feel free to enjoy our story, to send lots of delicious cookies to everyone you know and to spread the belief that a quality product, a few inspirational words, and a means to give to those with less will truly make a difference!
After all, it is the sweetest things in life that truly Feed Your Soul.